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At Danarose Residences, families can enjoy a wonderful sense of community in this exclusive enclave, thanks to its limited number of units sharing common facilities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse and children’s playground. Beautifully paved driveways and landscaped greenery provides a back-to-nature ambience, 24 hour security provides peace of mind for residents, and the world class facilities make this development a natural choice for professionals, families with young children and even retirees with grown-up families who come to visit. Some of the facilities and amenities for residents’ exclusive use at Danarose Residences include:

Entrance Gate With 24 Hour Security
For added peace of mind, residents at Danarose Residences enjoy the security of knowing that all visitors are screened before coming into the enclave.

A clubhouse provides the perfect focal point for residents and their families to socialize and meet their neighbors in the friendly community.

Swimming Pool For Adults & Kids
A swimming pool is provided for the exclusive use of residents and their families.


Children’s Playground
A children’s playground provides a safe and secure place for your little ones to explore, learn and discover.

Basketball Court
For the older kids, the basketball court at Danarose Residences will become a social hub to meet other kids while getting involved in a healthy sport.

  • An entrance gate
  • 24 hour security
  • Spacious clubhouse
  • Children’s playground
  • Basketball court 
  • Swimming pool for kids and adults
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